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The leading CRO in the OA field

NBCD is dedicated to clinical drug development, specializing in osteoarthritis. As a science-driven organization, we have several articles published each year in well respected, peer-reviewed journals.

Having worked 30+ years with biomarker development, precision medicine and clinical trials, NBCD has acquired extensive experience within rheumatology and musculoskeletal indications. As the leading CRO in the OA field, we have conducted numerous trials in all clinical phases.

Working closely together with our partners in Sanos Group, we can serve as a one-stop shop for clinical trials in osteoarthritis:

  • Sanos Clinic, a network of high-recruiting dedicated research clinics
  • Studies&Me, a tech-based recruitment platform with DCT capabilities
  • Sanos Supply, a clinical trial supply and packaging facility
  • Blueskin, a full-service CRO specialized in dermatology

As a privately owned and highly specialized organization, we can make swift decisions, leverage cross-functional synergies and quickly adapt to accommodate our clients’ current and future needs.

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