New paper published in Frontiers Physiology

July 22, 2022 The paper is entitled: "An estimate of plasma volume changes following moderate-high intensity running and cycling exercise and adrenaline infusion" and is based on the EFEX-OA-02 trial done in a wide collaboration between NBCD, Sanos Clinic, Rigshospitalet, Nordic Bioscience A/S and KU.

Plasma volume (PV) changes in response to physical activity, possibly as a consequence of adrenergic activation. We estimated changes in PV in response to common exercise modalities; cycling and running as well as adrenaline infusion and control at rest. On separate days, forty circulatory healthy subjects [aged 60 years (range: 42-75)] with knee osteoarthritis underwent moderate-high intensity cycling, running, and intravenous adrenaline infusion to mimic the circulatory response to exercise. Blood samples were obtained from peripheral veins taken at several pre-defined time points before, during, and after the interventions. PV changes were estimated using venous hemoglobin and the derived hematocrit. The temporal associations between PV and selected biomarkers were explored.