In this study, KBP-042, a dual amylin- and calcitonin-receptor agonist, was investigated as a treatment of obesity and insulin resistance in five different doses (0.625 µg/kg-10 µg/kg) compared with saline-treated and pair-fed controls.

Rats with obesity received daily s.c. administrations for 56 days, and glucose tolerance was assessed after one acute injection, 3 weeks of treatment, and again after 7 weeks of treatment. To assess the effect on insulin sensitivity, rats received 5 µg/kg KBP-042 for 21 days before hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp.

KBP-042 induced a sustained weight loss of up to 20% without any significant weight reduction in the pair-fed groups. Decreases in adipose tissues and lipid deposition in the liver were observed, while plasma adiponectin was increased and plasma leptin levels were decreased. Acute administration of KBP-042 led to impaired glucose tolerance and increased plasma lactate, while this diabetogenic effect was reversed by chronic treatment. Finally, assessment of insulin sensitivity using the hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp showed that KBP-042 increased the glucose infusion rate.

The study indicates that KBP-042 combines two highly relevant features, namely weight loss and insulin sensitivity, and is thus an excellent candidate for chronic treatment of obesity and insulin resistance.