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Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Biomarkers
1. Jul 2021

Does moderate intensity impact exercise and non-impact exercise induce acute changes in collagen biochemical markers related to osteoarthritis? - An exploratory randomized cross-over trial

Objective: To investigate acute changes in biochemical markers of cartilage turnover in response to moderate intensity exercise with and without joint impact in humans with knee osteoarthritis.

Design: We conducted a randomized, cross-over, exploratory clinical study. Twenty subjects wi…

Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis
7. May 2021

Long-term structural and symptomatic effects of intra-articular sprifermin in patients with knee osteoarthritis: 5-year results from the FORWARD study

Objective: The FORWARD (FGF-18 Osteoarthritis Randomized Trial with Administration of Repeated Doses) trial assessed efficacy and safety of the potential disease-modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD) sprifermin in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Here, we report 5-year efficacy and safet…

Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis
1. Apr 2021

The effects of sprifermin on symptoms and structure in a subgroup at risk of progression in the FORWARD knee osteoarthritis trial

Objective: To assess pain outcomes and cartilage thickness change in a subgroup at risk (SAR) of further progression in the FORWARD trial of knee osteoarthritis patients treated with sprifermin.

Methods: Patients were randomised 1:1:1:1:1 to: sprifermin 100 µg every 6 months (q6mo), 100…

Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Biomarkers, Rheumatoid Arthritis
22. Mar 2021

Serum C-reactive protein metabolite (CRPM) is associated with incidence of contralateral knee osteoarthritis

The heterogeneous nature of osteoarthritis (OA) and the need to subtype patients is widely accepted in the field. The biomarker CRPM, a metabolite of C-reactive protein (CRP), is released to the circulation during inflammation. Blood CRPM levels have shown to be associated with disease act…