Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Biomarkers
1. Jul 2021

Does moderate intensity impact exercise and non-impact exercise induce acute changes in collagen biochemical markers related to osteoarthritis? - An exploratory randomized cross-over trial

Objective: To investigate acute changes in biochemical markers of cartilage turnover in response to moderate intensity exercise with and without joint impact in humans with knee osteoarthritis.

Design: We conducted a randomized, cross-over, exploratory clinical study. Twenty subjects wi…

Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Clinical Data Quality
1. Dec 2020

Clinical and Biochemical Factors Associated With Risk of Total Joint Replacement and Radiographic Progression in Osteoarthritis: Data From Two Phase III Clinical Trials

Objectives: Clinical trials of new disease-modifying treatments for osteoarthritis should demonstrate a positive effect on a functional outcome or reduction in joint failure in order to be considered successful. Total joint replacement (TJR) surgery may be considered as joint failure, but …

Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Biomarkers
1. Jun 2020

Evaluation of serum ARGS neoepitope as an osteoarthritis biomarker using a standardized model for exercise-induced cartilage extra cellular matrix turnover

To propose a standardized model for exercise-induced cartilage turnover and investigate residual levels and dynamics of biomarker serum ARGS (sARGS) in primary osteoarthritis (OA) patients and a supportive group of young healthy subjects.

The trial is a randomized, cross-over, …

Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Biomarkers
15. Mar 2020

The acute and long-term impact of physical activity on biochemical markers and MRI measures in osteoarthritis - Perspectives for clinical osteoarthritis research

We aimed to investigate existing literature on the impact of physical activity and exercise (PA) on joint biochemical markers (BM) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) outcomes in osteoarthritis (OA), and on this basis propose directions for future research. Literature Review. Original papers were i…