Introducing FeasIntel™ - Patient feasibility performed intelligently

  • FeasIntel™ is a unique feasibility approach that harness the power of our proprietary clinical trial database to identify and emulate the most suitable population for new OA trials and identify common recruitment pitfalls as early as possible.
  • Our clinical trial patient database incorporates detailed information of osteoarthritis patients across several phase I-III protocols. Our OA legacy allows us to uncover useful patterns that others are unlikely to see. This unique knowledge is instrumental in driving informed protocol- and study decisions, and helps to ensure your trial enrollment is successful.
  • FeasIntel™ ensures more cost-efficient and timely clinical trial planning by allowing intelligent site and country selection and patient population evaluation based on data analyzed by our experienced scientific and operational leaders.
  • Being a science driven organization we can also analyze data from our extensive in-house research projects to provide you with valuable study specific recommendations and insight.