NBCD is dedicated to clinical drug development in Osteoarthritis. We specialize in design and execution of clinical trials within both pain and DMOAD compounds for osteoarthritis. We are experts in placebo response mitigation and selecting the right patients. Our background makes us experts in precision medicine using unique biomarker technologies. We support our biotech and pharmaceutical clients advance their osteoarthritis compounds through all clinical development phases.

During the past 15 years, NBCD has successfully managed all aspects of several phase I, II and III trials in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. In total, more than 15,000 subjects have been enrolled worldwide in trials managed by NBCD.

We engage actively in any phase of drug development, scientifically, operationally, and financially. Our core competencies are:

  • Extensive experience on an operational as well as a scientific level in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • Staff with a scientific background with a clear understanding of the clinical science we perform. Our employees are highly motivated and our employee turnover rates are among the lowest in the business.
  • Global reach with a network of high-enrolling, high-quality, dedicated clinical trial sites which have proven able to rapidly recruit using a small number of sites.
  • We are pioneers in applying Risk-Based Monitoring strategies, with proven positive impact on data quality and cost-efficiency.
  • A unique intelligent feasibility approach, FeasIntel™, that harness the power of our proprietary clinical trial database to identify and emulate the most suitable population for new OA trials


Global Reach

We are conducting clinical trials globally through our own employees and strategic partners. We have our stronghold in Europe and USA, but also cover Asia and Latin America:



Nordic Bioscience has extensive operational and scientific expertise in conducting osteoarthritis trials. We know the disease better than any other company, and have enrolled more than 15,000 patients in both phase I, II and III trials.

Our Services

Nordic Bioscience Clinical Development offers all aspects of clinical trial management for pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and for our own investigational drug candidates.


FeasIntel™ is a unique feasibility approach that harness the power of our proprietary clinical trial database to identify and emulate the most suitable population for new OA trials and identify common recruitment pitfalls as early as possible.

Financial Risk-Sharing

With our unique financial risk-sharing models, we are truly aligned with our partners and share the same, ultimate goal: To quickly reach the market with high-quality data while avoiding delays in recruitment and monitoring.