NBCD greets the mayor of Herlev

April 28, 2021

Last Friday, the Mayor of Herlev, Thomas Dybdal Petersen, visited NBCD A/S. He met with CEO, Jeppe Ragnar Andersen, and Clinic Manager for Sanos Clinic Herlev, Julie Schønemann, to discuss the continued development of NBCD as well as the framework conditions.

They toured the facilities at Herlev Hovedgade, and Thomas Dybdal Petersen got to see the newly opened Sanos Clinic, Phase I Unit, as well as the state-of-the-art MRI-scanner. 

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NBCD and Prosoft Clinical enter acquisition-agreement under the Sanos Group

February 1, 2021

Prosoft Clinical (Prosoft), a full-service CRO specialized in dermatology based in Wayne, PA, USA and NBCD, a global full-service CRO specialized in osteoarthritis, based in Copenhagen, Denmark have entered into an agreement to share resources with the potential for a future merger under Sanos Group.

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NBCD recruits first patient in Phase II trial with APPA sponsored by AKL

A novel, oral osteoarthritis (OA) medicine being developed by AKL Research and Development (AKLRD) has recruited its first patient into its Phase II human clinical trial being conducted by its CRO Nordic Bioscience Clinical Development (NBCD), following the successful completion of Phase I.

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Meet our Director of Rheumatology

Meet Anne C. Bay-Jensen, Director of Rheumatology at Nordic Bioscience. She started working here in 2008, and just celebrated her 10-year anniversary 1 March 2018! Anne is the daily leader of 20 scientists and technicians. Her main-focus area is development, test and validation of biomarkers for translational science, drug development and personalized medicine.

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Nature paper published

11 December, 2017

There are good and bad collagens. We just published in the Nature Research journal, Scientific Reports, that the pro-peptide of type VI collagen (PRO-C6) which contains the bio-active fragment endotrophin, is a bad collagen fragment. We show that urinary levels of PRO-C6 are able to predict disease progression in patients with chronic kidney disease, independent of conventional risk factors. These results show that biomarkers of structural changes in the extracellular matrix may prove to be powerful tools in risk stratification.

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Merck KGaA and Nordic Bioscience in osteoarthritis breakthrough

November 4, 2017

Today, at the American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals Annual Meeting (ACR/AHRP), we announced the results of the two-year primary analysis of FORWARD - a five-year, multicenter Phase II study of sprifermin in patients with knee OA, conducted by Nordic Bioscience and Merck.

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Lilly Announces Strategic Collaboration with KeyBioscience AG

8 June, 2017

Lilly Announces Strategic Collaboration with KeyBioscience AG

Companies to Collaborate on Developing New Class of Diabetes Treatments

The collaboration includes access to the DACRA platform with multiple molecules including KBP-042, KBP-089 and KBP-056. KeyBioscience has initiated Phase 2 development with KBP-042. Other assets included in the collaboration, engineered for differences in effect or potency, range from Phase 1 to pre-clinical.

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EULAR Conference 2017

7 June, 2017

The Nordic Bioscience Science Team will be at EULAR in Madrid from June 14-17. We are proud to have 12 accepted abstracts this year and together with good collaborators we will display the newest biomarker data within SSc, RA, PsA, AS and OA. Please reach out to Klaus Meyer Møller (kme@nordicbio.com) to set up a meeting with the team or stop by one of our posters at the conference.

Read the abstract titles here

OARSI Conference 2017

7 May, 2017

With a total of 10 accepted abstracts we are proud to be at the OARSI meeting this week. Come and learn how to utilize biomarkers in pharmaceutical research and development at our 2 oral presentations and 8 posters throughout the conference. We will be happy to discuss biomarker strategies for evaluating joint health from early preclinical research to late stage clinical Development.

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6 October, 2016


NORDIC BIOSCIENCE JOINS NON-PROFIT CONSORTIUM TO CURE HEARING LOSS. As a part of our engagement in innovative science and unmet medical needs, the Nordic Bioscience Clinical Development division has entered into a non-profit EU-funded project, REGAIN, with a promising medical treatment for sensorineural hearing loss; the most common type of hearing loss. The REGAIN project aims to develop and clinically test a new medical treatment of hearing loss caused by the loss of sensory hair cells in the inner ear, in two early clinical trials in Europe. The trials will be managed by the trial expert team at Nordic Bioscience.


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Book Release

26 August, 2016

Together with Elsevier science, Nordic Bioscience have taken the time to condense all our collagen, elastin and laminin knowledge into one book. We are very proud of that the book focuses on biology and biomarkers of ECM and provides particular insights into collagens, laminins and elastin. We hope this will advance the interest and research of biomarkers in the ECM field associated with pathologies such as cancer, fibrosis and rheumatologic disorders.

An Intelligent Approach to Clinical Trial Monitoring

Many pharmaceutical companies are excited by Risk-Based Monitoring but are uncertain about how to implement such an initiative.

Nordic Bioscience has pioneered Risk-Based Monitoring since 2011 and our mission is to provide the industry with credible data that supports a change in the monitoring approach.

Recently, we published a review in the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology that supports risk-based monitoring and concludes that reduced source data verification combined with a centralized, risk-based approach may be the solution to reduce monitoring costs while improving data quality.

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Nordic Bioscience’s central and specialized laboratory services continue to grow

EU funded OA research project APPROACH

23 September, 2015 

For the next 6 years Nordic Bioscience will play a significant role in the EU funded osteoarthritis (OA) research project APPROACH, which has a total budget of EUR 15 million. The aim is to identify the patients most likely to respond to a given treatment using a validated biomarker drug development tool box for OA. Nordic Bioscience’s contribution is application of our validated proprietary Protein Fingerprint biomarkers, our FDA certified laboratory to ensure high quality and reproducibility of measurements, and regulatory approval process expertise.

Successful completion of phase I study

19 August, 2015

Together with our subsidiary KeyBioscience AG, we are proud to announce the successful completion of our phase I study with our novel Dual Amylin and Calcitonin Receptor Agonist (DACRA) that we currently are developing for type 2 diabetes, obesity and NASH. The DACRA KBP-042 is an insulin sensitizer which causes a significant weight reduction. The study confirmed tolerability of the molecule and more importantly indicated a substantial potential for treatment efficacy in the target population.