With a long scientific background in bone disease, Dr Claus Christiansen and Dr Bente Juel Riis founded Osteometer A/S in 1989, a company that developed and produced medical equipment for measuring bone mineral density.

In 1991, the company was expanded with a laboratory division to develop biochemical diagnostic assays which would later become Nordic Bioscience A/S. In 1996, it was decided to sell the medical equipment division and Nordic Bioscience continued as an independent company in new premises in Herlev in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The first biochemical marker developed by Nordic Bioscience was serum osteocalcin, a marker of bone formation. Later came urinary and serum CTX-I, a marker for bone resorption. These initial biomarkers were followed by the development of a large spectrum of novel biomarkers in several different diseases. Over the years, work was specialized in two divisions; the Research and Development division now concentrate their efforts on identification of biomarkers and development of highly specialized assays while the laboratory performs quality assurance on the assays, up-scales the production of the assays and measures research samples in a controlled environment for clients around the world.

In 2006, a new division called Nordic Bioscience Clinical Development A/S was formed to provide clinical trial services in planning and executing clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies with drug candidates in clinical phase I, II and III.

In 2020, Nordic Bioscience Clinical Development A/S became NBCD A/S and was carved out from Nordic Bioscience as an independent entity serving Pharma and Biotech clients primarily within Osteoarthritis.